La storia

The Foundation ONLUS Daniela and Paola was born as a result of the terrorist attacks that occurred in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt on 23/07/2005.

On that day, three vile actions dynamite harvested about 90 victims among the civilian population.

In that tragic episode lost their lives the sisters Daniela, 25 years old, and Paola, 22 years, who have been there for a travel award.

Since then, the parents of the young woman have decided to channel their energies towards children whith social problems..

The main purpose of the Foundation is to relieve the State of distress and marginalization in which there are many kids in our territory, without distinction of sex, race, religion, ethnicity and nationality.

The Foundation has created an educational community, which welcomes children from community services, from court and NGOs ensuring them an indoor climate and serenity.

The Foundation, in addition, enables suitable actions to promote the culture of foster care and help parents and children to find themselves.