“To take a picture ergo sum” namely “To take a picture wherever I am”–2017/18 Valentina Schito

IInspire the kids to talk about themselves through the language of photography.
The project is inspired by art, nature and all the discipline which helps them to encourage the imagination and to get to know the bases of photography, without deepen too much.
In fact, the course does not intend to limit to the acquisition of basic technical skills how to use the camera, but wants to guide the children, hosts of the Daniela and Paola Foundation, to observe, analyze and appreciate the reality that surrounds them, urging them to grasp and communicate, according to their personality and sensitivity.
At the end of the path, the photographic material produced will be the object of a traveling exhibition, inaugurated at the Foundation through the organization of an ad hoc event. The exhibition will participate in cultural events proposed by the various Municipalities of the Salento territory, thanks to the support given by the partners involved.

Viv(ai)o Mammarao - 2016

The O.N.L.U.S. Foundation Daniela and Paola joined the association Ente Santa Cecilia O.N.L.U.S. for 

the project Viv (ai)o Mammarao.

The project aims to build a dedicated to children multifunctional shared garden and farming, on the model of sensory gardens, where children are educated in the ura and respect for the common good.
The garden will be created by retrieving a large plot of about 1.8 hectares become landfill in the suburbs ring of Mammarao district. Viv (ai) or Mammarao in the interior of the garden will realize:

  • the world of bees
  • will set up a playground
  • a mountain bike trail
  • a compost

The creation of a multidisciplinary and multimedia laboratory - 2016

Thanks to the opportunity provided by the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio Puglia, our nonprofit Foundation Daniela and Paola has in mind to enhance and further improve the services offered to children guests, buying the equipment and instrumentation necessary for the creation of a multidisciplinary and multimedia laboratory, equipped with audio / video support, which allows to:

  • Carry out language courses highly integrated, offering the opportunity to enhance the understanding and learning of foreign languages in a playful and natural
  • Conduct training classes of personal computers
  • Carry out music courses and singing
  • Projecting documentaries
  • Show films for children in Italian and in foreign languages.

The laboratory will be set up in a stable manner at a space in the Foundation, located on the ground floor of the secondary plant body.

The laboratory is seen as an opportunity to raise the quality of services offered by the educational community to its clients, but also the level of integration of children living with their peers, since the courses, or even simple film screenings, will be offered free of charge to non-children entrusted to the Community itself, and paying particular attention to the most needy families.On nice summer evenings, in addition, it provides the opportunity to take advantage of the large garden of the Foundation to organize an outdoor Cineforum for children. 

The project currently is being finalized.

Neutral Space - 2012

The neutral place wants to guarantee, promote, support and rebuild the relationships between the children and the parents, after periods of absence or serious difficulty or due to other events of family crisis.
There are various reasons for which the Tribunal for Minors distances a minor from the family: separation of parents, abuse, mistreatment, inadequate parenting skills.

Following the principles in art. 9 of the "Convention of the Rights of childhood" should always seek effective methods to solve, or at least to manage the conflicting separations ensuring the possibility to keep intact or, alternatively, to rebuild the ties of the child with his own ancestry and ancestry.
It is therefore necessary to have the appropriate tools for observing and assessing family relationships in order to acquire all the elements necessary for a correct evaluation of the parental relationship.

It was necessary to design and realize a space, in which the meetings will take place with the presence of qualified staff with the support function, protection and observation.

The project was completed in January 2012 with the PO FESR 2007-2013 Regione Puglia – ASSE III Linea 3.2 Azione 3.2.1.